VocoPro DVX890K Multi-Format DVD/DivX Karaoke Player Review

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I got this VocoPro DVX890K Multi-Format DVD/DivX karaoke player last summer and I’m quite happy with it. At first I didn’t know the microphones came with the unit but I have a few anyway. The microphones that came with my player were pretty lightweight and at first I thought they weren’t working. That’s before I adjusted the mic and music volume.

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Apparently the default setting for the music volume was blasted at high and the mic volume was way low so after I figured out the controls, I could hear myself. The music sounds great. There’s an echo feature which most karaoke machines have anyway. There’s no compression or amp for the vocals so I can’t really turn up the mic volume as high as I hope I could, which is just slightly louder than the music. I used my own microphones and replaced the audio cables which seem to have improved the sound quality some.

I guess this VocoPro karaoke machine works well considering it can read many formats and the video quality is decent. I’ve had it on for hours at a time and have not noticed any problems with it such as getting too hot, slowing down, skipping or resetting. It can endure quite a bit of stress from a family who loves karaoke.

The controls on VocoPro DVX890K were fairly easy to operate and the scanning and reading were fast. It had no delays between reading from a disc and another source. I did notice the tempo of the music slowing down a bit when changing keys.

The best thing I like about my VocoPro DVX890K karaoke system is that I saved myself a lot of space. I got rid of stacks of CDs by transferring the files onto USB drives. I had a USB drive that I didn’t know had a virus and I plugged it in my VocoPro DVX890K player. I didn’t see the virus having any effect on the machine.

VocoPro DVX890K Karaoke System Features

  • Dual 1/4″ microphone inputs with individual volume controls
  • 120V/240V and NTSC/PAL compatible for worldwide use
  • Multi-Format DVD/DivX karaoke player
  • Built-in Dolby Digital (AC-3)
  • Dolby 2.1CH decoders for cinema sound quality
  • Includes rack mount adapters

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If you’re a karaoke enthusiast, I recommend this unit because it’s easy to use and it saves you a lot of space. Compared to other professional karaoke players, it is smaller. I didn’t notice much difference in sound quality from the other players already out there but I do think that this model would be awesome if VocoPro can add a few more improvements such as an equalizer and vocal enhancer. I noticed that singers who don’t sound so good sound OK on the system but the system doesn’t do justice for people I know who are fantastic singers. Somehow their voices sound smaller.

So this is why I think this VocoPro Multi-Format DVD/DivX karaoke player is for enthusiasts. You can have hours of fun with it. Files are easier to manage. It’s good for home use and for small parties. It’s not something I would recommend for presentations and big events.

I hope my karaoke machine reviews has been helpful in your decision to purchase this VocoPro DVX890K Karaoke Player and if you do decide to get this one I know you won’t be sorry. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

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