Karaoke Machine FAQ
This Month’s Top 3 Most Popular Karaoke Systems:

  1. Emerson DV121 CDG/ MP3G Karaoke System
  2. Singing Machine SML-390 Karaoke System
  3. Memorex MKS-SS1 SingStand Home Karaoke System

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How do I connect my karaoke machine to my laptop?

I’m trying to find a way to connect my karaoke machine to my laptop (Lenovo) so I can record the songs. I’ve been looking, but has had no success. Can anyone tell me what cable I can use to do this?

You should be able to use a dual RCA to 1/8″ stereo adapter cable to run from the karaoke machine to the Mic plugin of the laptop.

Is it possible to download Karaoke music for a karaoke machine?

I have a “The Singing Machine” brand karaoke machine that hooks up to my TV. Is it possible to download music for it which I can burn to a CD-R that will work with it and have the words on the screen and everything? If not, where can I get instrumental versions (mp3, wma, etc) of different popular songs?

www.video2mp3.com and look up the intrumental song your looking for on youtube. simplest and most of the time the quickest way I’ve found to do it. It’ll take the youtube video url you select and cut the video out, decode it and transfer it to your computer as an Mp3.

What is the difference between a CD player and a Karaoke machine?
There isn’t much difference in the machine other than there is a microphone input with voice over so you can put the vocals from the mic over the CD playback on a karaoke machine. The discs used however are what makes a big difference.

The most popular format of karaoke disc is the CD+G. This is a regular audio disc that has graphics (lyrics) encoded into the sound tracks. A regular CD player will play the music on these discs but it takes karaoke machine (CD+G player) to read and display the graphics on monitor or TV screen.
You can purchase karaoke CD+G discs at many department stores although the largest selection will be found online.

What kind of software or karaoke machine can I buy to change the pitch of songs?

I sing at shows where the music is canned because there is not enough space to put a full band, so all my accompaniment tracks have to sound like the real thing. I have a friend who has been changing the pitches for me on Pro Tools, then burning a CD w/ the song in the new key. Is there any software or karaoke machine I can buy so I can do this myself?

Virtually every karaoke disc player has a digital key control feature that works on regular audio CDs as well as karaoke discs.
There is also software key changers like Karaoke Sound Tools http://www.karaoke-software.net/karaoke-sound-tools.html

Is there a karaoke machine where you can download songs to the player?

I am looking for a really nice karaoke machine that hooks up to the TV. I know that most karaoke machines take specific karaoke Cd’s but I would like a bunch of songs on there. Is there a karaoke machine where you can download karaoke songs to it? Also, I’ve seen that some have an input for your ipod and I was wondering how that works? are there specific karaoke-friendly songs you can download to you ipod?

If you have a laptop or computer with video card, you might find karaoke hosting software to be the best solution. Many of the software options will play both discs and karaoke mp3. Check out DigitalKJ.com. You can host a karaoke show in your home like a professional! And if you are using a laptop, you can take it anywhere!

Can you plug an electric guitar into a karaoke machine so it acts like an amp?

I want an electric guitar for Christmas but an amp is expensive!!! I just want to know if you can plug it in to a karaoke machine.

Yes you can. if you don’t have an adapter then you can use headphones. Its quiet though and there isn’t very many settings. And no it probably wont blow the speakers i do it all the time.
Why is my karaoke machine messing up on the lyrics?
The laser head on the player is out of alignment. Karaoke players are vary susceptible to this issue because they have to read sub channel tracks for the lyrics.

Can I start as a pub/bar performer carrying around with me just a karaoke machine and some backing tracks?

I was thinking of making myself available to hire for pubs and bars in the UK, but I don’t have much money to get started. Would pubs and bars take me seriously if I were to just bring some backing tracks and a karaoke machine, or would I need some better singing equipment?
Depends on the size of the karaoke machine and the amount of songs you have.

You should have a system that isn’t going to be a joke to the patrons of the establishment.

I’d say bare minimum of a thousand songs. And so far as a system goes it probably wouldn’t hurt to get some small powered speakers to plug into your karaoke machine.
If you’re not familiar, powered speakers have the amplifier built in so that all you need is to plug them into the RCA outs on the back of the player.

When you say “carrying” I hope you don’t mean walking. Because it would suck to have to carry all that. If you’re crafty you could make a cart with wheels for it. If you have a car you could easily make it all fit into the back seat of a car. Or maybe even the passenger seat.

Can you fix the laser head on your karaoke machine?

I noticed that the lyrics on my TV are pixelated whenever I play my karaoke machine. I searched this and found out it was the laser head out of alignment. I also saw that it was about $100 – $200 to fix it. Is there a way to do it by yourself?

This is more often caused by a dirty laser eye. Try using a disc designed to clean it.

Where can I get an LRC file, How do I add it to an Mp3 file and how to use it on my karaoke machine?

I have karaoke machine that can read CD+G and all this other stuff. I need to know where to get LRC files for my songs and how to use it on my karaoke machine. Please explain the process to me. To be specific, I have an Acesonic DGX-109.

LRC is lyric text file with timing. Sometimes you can find them by searching in google. You can also create them yourself if you can’t find any. It is much easier to do compare to mp3+g.

For an example of the file format, you can more about it here.


A search on the machine you provide does say your machine is capable of playing mp3+lrc file. So, all you have to do is getting the file in the lrc format and it should work.

Can you record yourself on a karaoke machine?

I’m interested in buying a karaoke machine, but im not sure how it works, do you just stick a cd in and stick a mike in and sing over the song, or can you put a tape cassette in and record yourself singing the track, and then you can play the tape in any stereo with your voice singing the track.

Some karaoke machines like this one. have a built in cassette recorder that will allow you to record yourself singing along with the music from the karaoke disc. The cassette tape will play in any cassette player.

Do Karaoke CD’s work in CD players and stereos without the use of a karaoke machine?

Where can I find karaoke music to burn onto a CD without having to use a karaoke machine to play it but just a regular CD player or stereo or is that not possible?

The audio of Karaoke CDG discs will play with a standard CD player but you will need a CDG player to display the graphics (lyrics) on a monitor or TV screen.

Where can I find free downloads on CDG for the karaoke machine I bought?

I just bought a karaoke machine and it’s SML 385 (by the Singing Machine), I want to burn my own disc, so where can I download free song for it?(CDG)

You can’t get them for free. You can buy downloads of karaoke songs in MP3+G format from a site like http://www.tricerasoft.com/cgi-bin/karaokedownloads/portal.asp?Portal=KAT%C2%A0

Then create CDG discs from them with Power CD+G Burner http://www.karaoke-software.net/power-cdg-burner.html