Memorex MKS-SS1 SingStand Home Karaoke System Review

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The Memorex MKS-SS1 SingStand Home Karaoke System is a uniquely design system that allows you to sing your favorite songs directly from your iPod or MP3 player. The MKS-SS1 includes two built-in speakers mean that you don’t have to hook it up to any external sound system to enjoy the sound. Memorex added a couple extra inputs designed to expand the experience from this Karaoke System.

Memorex created a very unique karaoke machine with the MKS-SS1, it has a MP3 player dock, which allows you to plug in any MP3 player to the system and use any of the songs you have stored on the player. It has a internal system called an Auto Voice Control that reduces the vocals on any song you play so you don’t need to find songs that have the vocals removed.

The best place to get this karaoke machine is from Amazon. They currently have over 117 reviews from many different users so you can see just how happy people are with this Memorex MKS-SS1 SingStand Home Karaoke System. They currently offer an amazing deal with the lowest price I could find anywhere. Also their customer service is top of the line and the shipping was super-fast. Click here to see the Memorex MKS-SS1 SingStand Karaoke System on Amazon.

Memorex MKS-SS1 SingStand Home Karaoke System Features

  • Enhanced vocal effects with echo and balance control
  • Allow you to connect your own musical instruments
  • Full-range 4W speakers built into the base
  • Auto Voice Control (AVC) with  built-in vocal guide
  • Dual microphone inputs for duet performances
  • Cable management clips
  • 9.3 x 20.3 x 15.5 inches; 11.9 pounds

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The Memorex MKS-SS1 comes with a single microphone, but if you are looking to sing a duet, you will need to purchase a second microphone and plug it into the second microphone connector on the base. The stand has clips attached to it to help keep the 10ft microphone cord organized. It also has inputs on the base that allows you to hookup an external cable from a keyboard or other instrument.

The SingStand karaoke machine is designed specially for your home, this is because the sound emanates from the two very powerful 4-watt speakers built into its wide base. This wide base also helps to keep the Karaoke system standing upright. The base also houses all of the connectors for the two microphones and external instruments.

This Memorex Karaoke System uses a built-in Instrument Amplifier so when you hookup a guitar or even a keyboard, the sound will be amplified to go along with the vocals to create a great sound experience in your home. So not only can you sing along with the microphone, but you can create your own music to sing to. The built-in special effect called echo enhances the sound that you can control to balance it to be sure it sounds right with your vocals.

The most of the reviews on the Memorex MKS-SS1 SingStand home karaoke have been positive. One reviewer said that this system is perfect for their kids to use. A negative point was that the MP3 holder did not hold their brand of MP3 player, but thought it was probably designed to hold an iPod. The vocal control system works well, but not perfect as it leaves a little bit of distortion, but not really that bad. Another person complained of the lack of balance control made it a bit difficult to get a really good sound.

In conclusion, Memorex created a great Karaoke machine that can be used by kids and adults. I would definitely recommend you look at the Memorex MKS-SS1 home karaoke player if you are looking for a karaoke machine for your home.

I hope my Memorex MKS-SS1 SingStand Home Karaoke System review has helped you with your decision to purchase your dream karaoke machine. I can honestly say that anyone who does buy this karaoke machine will absolutely love it. Click here to read more reviews.

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Customer Reviews

Queenania August 19th, 2012 (#)

I have wanted a kaoarke machine for years but hated having to buy so many cd’s for the music. Well not anymore, I can use my own music. I loved this machine and so did my 3 kids. I have used it almost every day since I got it. I do have 3 problems with the SingStand but for me personally it didn’t take away enough to give it less than 5 stars. 1) The space for the ipod is not big enough. 2) When I first plugged it in it didn’t work. I had to remove and insert the plug several times and then it worked fine. 3) The vocal button to remove the original vocals makes it sound kind of garbled. Again, for me these are not big issues but they might be to someone. I would highly recommend this product.

Anie August 19th, 2012 (#)

I’m 70 years young, live alone, so I haven’t disturbed anynoe while having fun with my new toy. It is well made and should give many years of enjoyment.

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