Singing Machine STVG-535 CD G Video Karaoke System Review

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The Singing Machine STVG-535 CD/CD+G Video Karaoke System is the perfect system for the family that wants to experience what it is like to make your own music video. The Singing Machine STVG-535 combines the voice and video capture and displays it on your own TV. You sing the song like any karaoke machine, but you can also attach a video camera to the unit and the video and sound will be displayed on your TV. Your family will get a huge kick out of seeing themselves perform on the TV.

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The STVG-535 karaoke machine by Singing Machine is great little machine designed with a small (5.5″) B&W video screen that is used to display song lyrics that are included on the CD+G made especially for karaoke machines. That means that if you use another source for the audio tracks you will not have the lyrics available for display.

Singing Machine has included a special feature that I have not seen on any other karaoke machine and that is video camera. You can use this camera to create your own family music video and show it on your TV after you are finished. After you are finished creating the music video and ready to watch it all you have to do is hookup the video and audio output cables to the back of the STVG-535 to your TV and watch it. This feature makes it a must have for a family with kids.

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The sound system part of the STVG-535 includes a 5 watt amplifier and three speakers (woofer and two tweeters) and comes with one microphone and it plugs into one of the two microphone jacks. If you want to try a sing with another person as a duet, you will need to purchase a second microphone and use the second jack.

Most interesting part of any karaoke machine is the A.V.C (Auto Voice Control) this function removes the original vocals from the song as it is playing and replaces it with the users vocals. A big part of making the Singing Machine STVG-535 CD/CD+G Video Karaoke System work properly is figuring out how to get the volume controls set correctly.

According to several of the consumer reviews the sound quality of the Singing Machine STVG-535 is awesome. Another reviewer pointed out the quality of the built-in video camera was acceptable to be used for recording your kids singing. The few negative points that were mentioned by reviewers was that the CD+G song library was very limited and a few complained about the quality of the machine, numerous microphone and jack failures were big complaints. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

In conclusion, the Singing Machine STVG-535 CD/CD+G Video Karaoke System is feature packed karaoke machine that seems to be very well liked. I don’t believe the few negative comments about the machine are enough not to recommend this machine. It seems that it would make a great choice for families with young kids. I would definitely look for this karaoke machine if you are in the market for one for your family. Click here to check out this karaoke machine on Amazon

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