Behringer Minimix Mix800 Ultra-Compact Karaoke Machine Review

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It is fun to sing along with this powerful mix800 karaoke machine from Behringer. It includes several features and effects to greatly enhance your performance. It includes dual microphone support, as well as support for CD and MP3 players as well, making it versatile as well.  This machine is great for parties and social gatherings, as well as for recording for other reasons.

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The karaoke machine itself is surprisingly small, only 9.5 inches in length, making it much easier to move around then most karaoke machines.  It is effective, yet small enough to fit in many places where most similar machines, usually a lot larger, cannot.  This also makes travelling with it much easier, so you don’t have to worry about carrying around a large and awkward box when moving it around.

Behringer’s mix800 karaoke machine also comes with revolutionary voice cancelling technology, to eliminate vocals from just about any song it plays. It does so while still retaining most, if not all, of the original musical elements. This is wonderful for karaoke, as you don’t need to struggle to find the music you want without vocals. This feature is incredibly convenient, and great to have, especially when you need to record over vocals to a song that you can’t find in a music only version.

Along with the voice cancelling effect, the karaoke machine also comes with several vocal enhancing effects, the main one being an integrated digital echo/reverb processor, in 24-bit/40 kHz resolution, providing amazing vocal enhancement. This effect greatly increases its value and usefulness, as it not only removes other vocals from the music, but can also improve the quality of your own singing.

Another advantage Mix800 karaoke machine provides is the ability to use 2 microphones at once. It has 2 independent microphone channels to record 2 separate sets of vocals at once. It also allows you to control the volume for each separately, as well as other settings. This feature helps a lot, especially for recording songs using multiple people for vocals.

Behringer Minimix Mix800 Features

  • Ultra-compact 9.5″ karaoke machine for studio and stage applications
  • Ultimate vocal enhancement
  • 2 independent mic channels with Level controls
  • Clip indicators for perfect level adjustment
  • Dedicated 2-band EQ for awesome vocal enhancement and sound shaping
  • Eliminates vocals from any stereo source while retaining most music elements
  • Integrated digital echo/reverb processor in 24-bit/40 kHz resolution

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Most reviewers of the product are pleased with its quality and effectiveness. However, some have found that the voice cancelling feature isn’t that effective, in some cases, not at all. Also, some have found that when the output settings are turned up above medium, it produces static, especially when close to the machine when recording.  These problems only appear when trying to use the voice cancelling though it seems, so as for recording to music without vocals, it works superbly.

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Overall, Behringer’s karaoke machine seems to be a great buy. Although the voice cancelling feature doesn’t exactly measure up to its promised quality, this is flaw is certainly outweighed by its exceptional quality for recording and other features designed to enhance voice quality. Many reviewers found that it is a great value, compared to most similarly priced karaoke machines. I would definitely recommend purchasing this product if you are looking to buy a good quality karaoke machine for recording.

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