Vocopro KTV3808 KTV Digital Karaoke Mixer Amplifier System Review

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Vocopro’s KTV3808 Ktv Digital Karaoke Mix/amp/spk set is perfect for anyone looking for a great karaoke machine to use. With several features for each of its components, the mixer and amplifier, the speaker system, and the player, this set is a must for anyone serious about karaoke. This set includes all you need to have a great time with karaoke, as well as other things.

In its set, Vocopro includes a powerful mixing amplifier, designed to give the highest possible quality to your singing. It includes a built-in AM/FM tuner. It also supports up to three microphone inputs, each with individual volume controls, among other things. It has a full-function remote control for ease of use, allowing you to use its many voice enhancing features with ease.

The set also includes a Multi-Format USB/DVD/CD+G Karaoke player, designed to read just about any storage device and file type. It can read DVD, CD, CD+G, Mp3, HDCD and VCD formats, as well as USB thumb drives. It provides a digital echo, which gives you a high quality, hard to find professional sound. The player also includes 2 microphone inputs as well, allowing additional microphones to be used.

The very best place to buy the Vocopro KTV3808 Ktv Karaoke System is from Amazon. They have the lowest price around that I could find and they have free shipping (at least they did at the time of writing this) which made for an even better deal. Click here to SAVE $320 and to check it out.

Vocopro also includes an incredible set of speakers with its set. It has a 10-inch, 3-way vocal speaker system, allowing multiple vocals at once while maintaining incredible quality. It has a coated woofer with high temperature voice coil, along with a center mounted 1-inch cone tweeter w/Kapton voice coil. This is all designed to give extra high quality to the sound. It also contains two 3-inch midrange cones to further enhance the quality. The speaker has a high sensitivity of 90 dB, and high frequency range, ranging from 20HZ, all the way to 25 kHz. All these features are combined to make the best possible speaker.

In order to use the speakers, Vocopro includes 2 BNB-30 speaker cables, designed especially to ensure that you hear top quality music. It makes sure that the highest possible quality sound is brought to your speakers, so you can take full advantage of its great speakers.

Vocopro’s KTV3808 Ktv Karaoke also comes packaged with 2 MK-38 Microphones, also designed especially for high quality performance. With the including of two microphones, you don’t have to worry about needing to buy a second microphone if you need it. Even better still, is that the machine supports even more, so if you need, all you have to do is buy more.

Vocopro’s KTV3808 KTV Digital Karaoke System Features

  • 1 KR-3808 PRO 300W Digital Karaoke Mixing Amplifier
  • 1 DVX-668K Multi-Format USB/DVD/CD+G Karaoke Player
  • 3 Microphone Inputs With Individual Volume Controls
  • 1 (pair) SV-500 10″ 3-Way Vocal Speaker
  • 2 BNB-30 Speaker Cables
  • 2 MK-38 Microphones

Reviewers of the products included in the set were very impressed with them. They found that the microphones are very sturdy, last a while, and are cheaper compared to most microphones. Many found that the amplifier was also very effective and high quality. Even better was people’s opinion on the speaker. They found that it had top quality sound. Overall, people were very impressed. Click here to read more reviews and SAVE 30% on Limit Time Only.

Vocopro’s KTV3808 Ktv Karaoke set is a great set of karaoke equipment. It is very effective and high quality, and I would highly recommend it. Click here to check it out.

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