VocoPro DVX-668K DVD CD+G Karaoke Player Review

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The VocoPro DVX-668K Multi-Format USB/DVD/CD+G Karaoke Player has features that are compatible with most well known media formats for maximum versatility. You can play CD+G disks for your karaoke gig, listen to your favorite CDs and MP3 files; you can also watch movies on DVD or DivX format and view your digital photograph slideshow. This unit also allows you to play digital files to a USB connection from a USB thumb- drive.

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This device is the best option for home entertainment not only by providing quality karaoke performance by allowing you to connect your audio system via digital audio or 5.1 surround sound through coaxial and optical outputs; it also plays most movie formats with ease. No need to purchase another player to play specific files. The VocoPro DVX-668K multi-format karaoke machine has all the digital entertainment qualities you will ever need.

VocoPro DVX-668K Karaoke Player Features

  • Compatible with CD, DVD, CDG,  MP3 and DivX file
  • Allow USB playback of digital video and audio files
  • Coaxial digital or optical audio outputs with 5.1 channel surround sound
  • Component video output for HD video
  • 16 step digital key control
  • Separate volume controls for two microphone inputs
  • 19 x 5 x 12 inches and weights 5 pounds (Free Shipping)

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The device has a multi-format disc player that reads not only CD and DVD, also reads CD+G, MP3 and DivX. It has 2 microphone ¼” input channels that has a built in volume control which is perfect for performing duets and let families and friends join in the fun, digital echo also helps your vocals produce a wonderful sound effects that will make even beginners sound like professional singers. The VocoPro DVX-668K also allows you to adjust the key of the song down without changing the tempo. Also includes a fully functional wireless remote control that lets you take control at the comfort of your own sofa, is NTSC/PAL compatible (includes SCART video outputs for Europe) with a full LCD display and has a 5.1-channel surround sound audio output. Video output is wonderful too as the component video output is made for HD quality.

So if you are one of those who love to impress friends with your singing talent or simply wants to listen to various popular songs or watch HD movies ether burned to CD or is saved on a flash drive, the VocoPro karaoke machine is simply the player that you are looking for.

After skimming through various reviews about the VocoPro DVX-668K karaoke player, it is evident that this device is one of the top selling karaoke players in the market. One review states that this multi DVD player performs perfectly and fits well on a recording studio.

VocoPro DVX-668K Review

There are several negative comments about this karaoke player though, as one reviewer dislikes the fact that you can only play karaoke using CD+G disks meaning if you don’t have one, you cannot play karaoke. The reviewer still finds the USB port helpful for playing MP3 music files. Despite the negative review, the VocoPro karaoke system still got an outstanding 4 stars in Amazon.com. Click here to check it out.

Based on reviews and specifications of this device, I will definitely recommend the VocoPro DVX-668K Multi-Format USB/DVD/CD+G Karaoke Player as an all-in one, essential device guaranteed to provide hours of karaoke fun and will make watching movies and listening to music a whole lot better and easier.

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