Best Bargain Hercules HDP DJ-ADV G401 Headphones

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Features and Specifications:

  • Effective passive noise cancelling; Soft, large ear pads isolate the dj’s ears from ambient noise; Closed-back ear-cups prevent sound from bleeding out
  • Drivers tailored for analytic listening: great for dj monitoring, studio and production 100 db at 1 mw sensitivity: enough decibels to preview even close to pa speakers; 32 ohm drivers: strong playback level on any audio source
  • Comfortable for long-wearing listening Headphones don’t press on the user’s head, thanks to the ear pads’ width and softness, forming a barrier around the ears
  • 1-curve design: headphones form a curve from one ear to the other; Black fabric, glossy black housing with red lines, glossy plating on top of ear-cups; 15 hz-22 kHz: wide frequency bandwidth, to monitor all audible frequencies
  • Swivel housing for any use and any dj; Easy 1-ear monitoring; Easy folding and mobility, extending arms for large and small heads; 50 mm diameter drivers: clear playback for deep bass response
  • More features

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